#33 – Rocket Science


Rocket Science is neither flawed nor tarnished, what it is… is, err… astute, and almost faultless – it also provides evidence for my thesis in waiting that a film’s quality can be correlated directly with the strength of its soundtrack.


#32 – Last House on the Left


Once again I think I may have been fed a heavily censored version of a video nasty, in this case Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left, a film that has a lot to answer for, namely making Eli Roth think he has a justification for making flicks with a lame quota beyond 80% of their running time.

#31 – Hostel: Part II


A non-event, a specialty of director Eli Roth, is all that can be said about this tepid gore-fest – Hostel: Part II attempts to push the boundaries, but when the moment arrives to execute a child, something that Eli thought would really get him noticed the moment is spurious, arbitrary and something he eventually bottles out on, Roth you are yet to convince me you are anything other than a shower, and that reminds me of one of the film’s finer moments, visually at least… see below.

#27 – Days of Thunder


Top Gun with cars, Days of Thunder is always going to be an inferior flick, though there isn’t much better than MIG’s and Falcon’s tearing up the sky, so just enjoy Duvall’s sexual relationship with the car he builds and the moment where Cole Trickle (how fucking ace is that name?) in defeat decides in a destructive moment of majesty to gloriously total Russ Wheeler on his victory lap – wanton recklessness never disappoints.