#59 – The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


This film is a vision while managing to be a significant hitter in the quality genre of cowboy flicks that de-mythologise the west – The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is one of the best films you’ll ever lay your undeserving eyes upon.


#56 – The Dark Knight


Solid but average, there is little more to be said, most of it is underwhelming and screen time for individuals is at a premium, something that causes The Dark Knight to suffer in the engaging an audience stakes – also Nolan lays a way too heavy hand on certain scenes, just in case we’re stupid – and, what the fuck is up with Bale’s Batman voice?

#55 – Rambo


Action with an 18 certificate, thank fuck – Rambo does what film’s haven’t done for a long time, it gives you gang rape bad guys that you can really hate, and I mean really fucking hate and puts them at the mercy of a hero who kills them in glorious gore without batting a blood caked eyelash as he separates them from their organs, flesh and bones with no subtlety in front of a never flinching camera – live for nothing or die for something…

#53 – No Country For Old Men


Fargo-esque (which is no bad thing), the Coen’s transcend ordinariness by creating from the source work of Cormac McCarthy a seventh circle of hell in the American west of 1980, which features one of the best visualisations of the character of Death seen on screen – No Country For Old Men is a narrative rule breaker and an example to all in the art of tension creation – plus, there is some exemplary shotgun action.