#106 – 21


Passes the time, but little else – 21 is neither good or as hip as it thinks it is, which is a shame because with a little humility this film would be a far more pleasurable experience, as it is you don’t feel angered for the 90 minutes of your life it just took, more a vague sense that the hour and a half could have been spent in a more worthwhile manner.



#105 – There Will Be Blood


What do you need to know about There Will Be Blood, how about that cruelty has never been portrayed on screen like this, this film and Day-Lewis at its cold black heart open an abyss that you can’t help but stare into – “One night, I’m gonna come to you, inside of your house, wherever you’re sleeping, and I’m going to cut your throat.”


#104 – Speed Racer


Speed Racer is fucking Wachowski to its neon core, there is more green screen and style than should be allowed to fit inside a film as viewers eyes flounder and drown in an inspired mix of colour, blur and vibration dealt to the optic nerve in overdose proportions – it is ridiculous as it is orgasmic for spectrum starved peepers – believe me, after watching this you’ll realise you peepers have been fed a pale and tepid diet of the pastel and pallid for far too long.


#100 – Irréversible


Irréversible is as nasty as you’ve been told it is (it actually looks like it was filmed through a lens covered in shit), nevertheless the stuff that isn’t the eight and half minute rape scene or the mulching of someone’s head with a fire extinguisher holds it own – notably the scene with Cassell and Bellucci lazily romping around their flat in the buff that rings true of many a lazy day spent with those we desire, with of course, some serious Nouvelle Vague echos.


#97 – Lars and the Real Girl


Whenever the world seems fucked up I always catch a flick that alleviates the tension, this time around that flick was Lars and the Real Girl – it requires suspension of disbelief, but then what doesn’t – watch this, love your fellow man (if only for 15 minutes), but be sure to take pleasure in the relief that it brings, and props to Gosling, he’s fucking superb.