#359 – Straw Dogs


The thing about Straw Dogs is that it is fucking brilliant.


#358 – Tideland


Tideland is a Gilliam film and I made the mistake of watching his intro. Apparently he’s finally found his inner child and it’s a little girl… He’s got to be kidding, right? It’s not that I don’t like this film, or any of his films in fact, it’s just the conceited guff he puts around them. Why can’t he just let them be.

#355 – All The Boys Love Mandy Lane


There is nothing good about All The Boys Love Mandy Lane other than the brief moment where Whitney Able is sans shirt – a moment I’m sure you can find yourself, I couldn’t be bothered. When you do find the still in all its nipply-glory feel free to leave a link in the comments, consider it a public service – I’ve seen the search terms for arrivals on this internet island of mine.