#364 – Sucker Punch


I believed Zack Snyder was an exciting maverick director, yet Sucker Punch made me question what I have now realised is an assumption based on very little. Dawn of the Dead was excellent, then my excitement about Zack getting his teeth into 300 and Watchmen was never really justified, despite them both being very watchable. I’ve not seen the one with owls so can’t comment, but his latest effort is seemingly about very little other than male fantasy’s about tiny girls with weapons and attitudes thinly veiled under an Alice in Wonderland parallel mixed with misguided themes of cinematic exploitation. This I wouldn’t mind if it was engaging, but it just isn’t. Visually it’s fun, for about two seconds before everything blurs into the same action sequence and then it ends, thank fuck.



#363 – The Adjustment Bureau


Philip K. Dick adaptations, if I were to generalise, tend to do ok and The Adjustment Bureau continues this. Mainly it’s down to strong characters well played, especially by Emily Blunt, the scene in which she is introduced is captivating. There are though too many heavy handed religious connotations, but not enough to ruin what plays out. Now I’m off to get a job as a man in a black hat… (not that the hats are actually black in the flick).