#390 – Tucker And Dale vs. Evil


I wouldn’t go as far to call it clever, but the slasher movie from the hill-billy perspective idea is just about interesting enough to last for the entire runtime of Tucker And Dale vs. Evil. And as for the actors, Alan and Tyler do as expected, Katrina Bowden is the classic valley blonde lost in the forest, carrying off comedic gore surprisingly well, while Jesse Moss falls spectacularly short of the mark.


#389 – Super 8


I had really high hopes for Super 8. And, it fell short. But not by much. The first 30 mins was brilliant and the rest not that bad, but the whole alien being cool and just wanting to get home because we’d treated him bad really was poor. I don’t mind a wholesome message, especially in this type of flick, but it was  awkward and off the mark. This is a film that felt like classic Spielberg, featuring kids on BMXs, who were shooting a movie and crossing paths with an extraterrestrial – I so wanted it to work. It was close to the adventure classics, but just didn’t have the rock solid spine that comes from having heart and flawless, economical story telling. Good work Abrams, you’re so close to being the man that relights the imagination of a generation jaded by Steven’s stream of misfires.

#388 – Limitless


A DJ called Henry tweeted at me that Limitless is DAFT, but he loved it. I agree. Ok, maybe I didn’t love it. Nevertheless it was good, and I really digged the Fight Club like warping of reality when he was on the NZT, the saturation and constantly zooming camera that made me feel genuinely heady. I think what it really lacked was the weight of the benefits versus the side effects debate. It just always felt like a bad thing and I reckon there was defo room for a bit of wiggle in the moral message.

#387 – Attack The Block


Despite having, as a buddy stated, the most unlikable protagonist in cinematic history (a point I’m not completely down with, but get where he’s coming from) Attack The Block rocked my world. I think the dialect and script were brilliant, and I loved the final slo-mo scene, with the fireworks… “That’s an alien bruv, believe it.” Disclaimer: I grew up on Adam and Joe.

#386 – Weird Science


Kelly LeBrock is an 80s betty to her well toned core in Weird Science, what an entrance! As a pal said, this is rare, to overcome such a chronological handicap, let’s face it, even Kylie wasn’t hot in that decade. Something else that’s amazing about this super cool flick is that it’s running time is a little over 90 mins. Word to all movie execs, this is the length a film should be if aimed at garnering mass box office appeal in the summer. Fact.

#385 – Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Crazy, Stupid, Love. is a really good movie. Straight up. It is a rom-com, but it has a barely revealed reverence to the twisted world of love, which lets you know very subtly that although things in this movie are going to turn out all right, the film itself knows that isn’t always the case in tricky ol’ reality. Also Gosling is fucking great, actually the the dialogue is fucking great, Ryan just adds the pretty, really well.