#499 – The King Of New York


Abel Ferrara’s The King Of New York is brilliantly brutal and very 1990, which I approve of greatly. Walken dominates every frame as Frank White, a man dominating Harlem, by turning everyone he parleys with inside out via the medium of automatic weapons. Favourite moment, watching Lt. Horatio Caine buy it via shotgun at the funeral. This film is a squab-fest, it’s kitsch and it’s killer!


#498 – The King


I’ll tell you what, The King is fucked up, which is just how we like them. Not blow your head back good, but trying to be and that should be commended as an inconceivable story line pulls you in despite your repulsions. Fine and morally misaligned work…

#497 – Cell 211


With a coronary inducing sized helping of suspension of disbelief Cell 211 manages to be alright. It falls into a chasm that exists between being excellent drama and throw away action. This problem is expressed positively in the promotional material with a line describing the film as being a cross between Die Hard and Un Prophète, it isn’t. Firstly what a horrific mix of two films anyway and, secondly, if it was half as good as either of those films that sort of half-arsed marketing wouldn’t need to take place…

#496 – Machine Gun Preacher


It is safe to say that Machine Gun Preacher is not what I was expecting. It’s sort of fictional-documentary material that packs a real punch, be it slightly diminished by genre tropes that slip into the telling of the tale, i.e. casting Gerard in the lead role of Christian fighter and saviour of Sudanese orphans, Sam Childers.

#494 – 30 Minutes Or Less


30 Minutes Or Less is indie and funny. It’s like a dumb schmuck movie written by some one who likes decent movies, which feels refreshing. The outcome is a goofy plot with plenty going on in the dialogue and across the direction. Contextually speaking though, would you expect anything less from the dude behind Zombieland? Roll on Gangster Squad is what I say.

#493 – RocknRolla


It’s easy to have a downer on Guy Ritchie, but truth be told RocknRolla is pretty fly for a white guy. It is without doubt very reminiscent of Tarantino in style and tone, which sucks considering that’s the best part of 20 years done. This is something Guy knows, check the Thandie and Gerard dance sequence. Thankfully though a top cast and a decent script lead to more than passable entertainment.