#937 – Edge Of Tomorrow


Edge Of Tomorrow is one of the best films of 2014. I’m talking top ten. It’s different, smart, cool and stacked with interesting characters in a not dissimilar way to Aliens.

Cruise manages just about to not be ‘Cruise’, helped considerably by the dislikable qualities his character has to start and then his continuing short-comings. Blunt though is where the film focuses, gazing at her as a ‘full metal bitch’, she’s phenomenal, up there with Ripley as a strong female in a sci-fi setting.

The real deal here though is the story and the way it’s worked. The ground-hog day mechanism of repeating sequences is done eloquently and with a savage brutalism, as we see Cruise killed remorselessly and repeatedly to restart his day. There are times when I felt compelled to place my hands in a defensive posture as the inevitable arrived, especially when Blunt ploughed a bullet through Tom’s head again and again.

Production design is exceptional and the action sequences tough and jarring, the beach scene might be all aliens and exoskeletons, but it shares a lot with the opening of Saving Private Ryan. There is little that comes close to good, solid sci-fi. This flick is seriously good, solid as a rock sci-fi, which will be watched over and over and over…

Oh, and it’s written by Christopher McQuarrie and directed by Doug Liman, no wonder it’s so money.

Edge Of Tomorrow Emily Blunt


2 thoughts on “#937 – Edge Of Tomorrow

  1. Yes! I loved this movie and I loved it despite the fact I loved the book and those two things rarely coincide. Cruise is great and Blunt is so good! And the aliens are everything that the matrix creatures aren’t. I still don’t get Doug Liman though, one minute he’s making this, the Bourne identity and swingers and the next he’s doing jumper and Mr and Mrs smith.


    1. I love you loved it! And I’ve ordered the book too, so we’ll see about that… Liman does have an ‘interesting’ body of work. Jumper was a real misfire, so much of it was brilliant in concept and Jamie Bell was superb, but God knows what happened!? It just didn’t work… Back to the case in point though, I think a Blu-ray purchase of Edge Of Tomorrow is very much on the cards!

      nb. I was at the Graham Norton show when Cruise and Blunt were promoting this movie, but that in no way has impacted my judgement.


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