#954 – Child Of God


With Cormac McCarthy as the source material it’s safe to say Child Of God is not likely to be a date movie. And guess what? It’s not a date movie. That is unless your date likes hill-billy grubbiness in the extreme and necrophilia… then, well, this is the flick for you and your squeeze.

This film is more of James Franco doing what the hell he wants and running with it. If you can bear the unrelenting bleakness, depravity, avant-garde pacing and are a big fan of the novel it’s based on, you might get something from this. If this isn’t you, you’ll probably turn it off at the moment where you watch Scott Haze’s Lester Ballard shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a stick… And honestly, I don’t think anyone would think less of you, probably quite the opposite in fact.

Child Of God


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