#976 – Transit


Thin, is the best way to describe Transit, very fucking thin. It’s as if the team behind it had a beast of a muscle car for a few days and decided to make a film; thus giving them an excuse to drive it moderately hard and skid to a stop dramatically, before then pulling away dramatically. This film offers nothing more.

Transit Diora Baird


#975 – Palo Alto


I’m not entirely sure Palo Alto is as challenging as it wants to be. It isn’t diminished because of this, but it does leave it betwixt and between. It isn’t as edgy as the work of Korine, but it isn’t light, or structured enough to kick it with a film like Linklater’s Dazed And Confused.

It is visually arresting at times and occasionally feels like a Lana Del Ray sonnet, but it lacks power. There’s no figurative gut punching or teeth kicking and that’s what it needs. It feels trivial, both in form and function; then again, maybe that’s the point.

Palo Alto Emma Roberts

#972 – How To Train Your Dragon 2


If you liked the first one then you’ll like How To Train Your Dragon 2. The details in the imagery, animation and colour of the spectacle is impressive, but the plot is aimed at kids, there’s very little in the way of ‘nods’ to adults… In fact thinking back I can only really recall a Game Of Thrones quip involving the Kit Harington voiced character. Of course this is great if you’re a kid, despite many who might argue otherwise, I am not…

How To Train Your Dragon 2

#970 – X-Men: Days Of Future Past


I had high hopes for X-Men: Days Of Future Past; a mistake as it turns out. Nothing seems to actually happen, a meandering hang out and blast for those involved no doubt, but considerably less fun for the viewer. The plot is awkwardly contrived to suit the larger story and superpowers at hand, which feels staggeringly lazy, and as far as I can tell there’s no climax. At least one not worthy of being dragged uncomfortably through the entirety of the movie’s runtime.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Hugh Jackman