#980 – The Dark Crystal


I remembered a lot of The Dark Crystal, which is weird because the only time I’d seen it was when it arrived on VHS in the 80s. Re-watching it some 30 years on revealed why it is so vivid in the memory. It’s fucking terrifying.

Aside from the horror and uneasy kookiness of it all it’s worth mentioning that the Henson puppets clearly hampered story telling. A lot of the heavy lifting required by the plot is done via voiceover, which is fine, because I was too busy being disturbed to concentrate on anything anyway.


#944 – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2


And with the credits rolling on Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 my eight (were there eight?) film immersion into the world of teenage wizards and witches is complete.

My girlfriend pointed out that as I kept falling asleep during these flicks, I’m probably not really entitled to pass any sort of judgement. She’s very rarely wrong.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

#917 – Only Lovers Left Alive


Jim Jarmusch flicks are cool, almost to a fault and Only Lovers Left Alive follows this plan. There are too many hokey references to pop culture through the ages, but this can be forgiven as it detracts little from what’s actually going on.

The film benefits hugely from the insertion of Mia Wasikowski at exactly the right moment, bringing a much needed upbeat to proceedings in both verve and pace. It’s hip to be vampire, but with considerable drawbacks. It’s a message told repeatedly within the genre, and while nothing new is espoused here it isn’t an unpleasant viewing experience. I do however, much prefer The Lost Boys

#903 – Noah


I don’t have the time or the will power to deconstruct the almost infinite reasons why Noah is a horror show of a film. In short, it makes so little sense as to place itself into an abyss of irrelevance. Are we meant to learn things from Bible stories? If so, I learnt that Noah is a total dick. Aronofsky, what happened? Bizarre, utterly bizarre…

Noah Russel Crowe Jennifer Connelly