#991 – We Are What We Are


A dark take on the realties of vampiric/cannibalistic living, We Are What We Are proves a bleak watch. Heavy as its atmosphere is, there is talent on show and that’s what keeps this mild deviation from the standard lore of the genre compelling.

We Are What We Are


#989 – The Devil Rides Out


This is a movie that might be ripe for a remake. The Devil Rides Out is a family friendly version of Ben Wheatley’s Kill List.

Every line Lee delivers is amazing, the car chases are excellent and the creepy level is high. Special effects are terrible though, we’re talking sticky back plastic models and regular sized tarantula used to be a giant spider and paper-mache wings masking taped to a horse to serve as a demonic rider of the night. Entertaining, but the suspension of disbelief is killed stone dead.

Aside from that, it’s awesome. Superb dvd title screen also.

The Devil Rides Out

#988 – The Dyatlov Pass Incident


It’s a shocker, there is no other way of describing The Dyatlov Pass Incident. And I mean shocker in a bad way. Even more so when you consider it’s a Renny Harlin flick. It is incomprehensible how dull and misguided this movie is. They’ve made a not overly interesting real life story, into a completely uninteresting fictional one. Oh, and it’s ‘found footage’… Yup, it’s that bad; found fucking footage!

#985 – Devil


Watched this because of the ‘set in a lift’ premise, unfortunately Devil isn’t actually set entirely in a lift, in fact although it focuses on a lift there is a lot going on outside it. It’s not the smart, one set indie flick it seems to have a reputation for being. It’s actually big budget film-making and with a story credit for M. Night… Need I say more?

The thing is, it’s actually good. Yes, it’s nonsense and there are significant issues with the plot, but it plays out in its own bizarre way with the ‘what the fuck’ moments being more fun than one might normally expect. It has quirk and although maybe more humorous than was intended, this isn’t a bad way to fill your movie disc player.


#907 – Big Bad Wolves


Big Bad Wolves is a dark film. It’s also a deeply unpleasant mix of horrific and everyday. The two worlds don’t have defined edges either, they are entwined and will forever be that way. It’s grim stuff, challenging too. It is certainly questioning the brutal reactive state society adopts when truly appalled by the actions of an individual.

When you add the sum of this film’s parts up, it isn’t surprising Tarantino named it as the best film of the year. I’ll tell you now, it isn’t. It is worth watching though, for its unconventional and unblinking manner of dealing with the volatile subject of violent crimes against children.

Big Bad Wolves

#897 – Night Of The Creeps


The acting is bad, so is the script and the special effects don’t really stack up that well either, but Night Of The Creeps is a romp of an 80s horror. It has enough moments of ridiculousness to secure a place in the heart of most movie fans; prom dress wearing date with a flame thrower, aliens, an axe murderer, zombies and a little awkward and needless nudity. Also listen to the characters names, this flick was definitely created by horror genre fan.

Night Of The Creeps

#888 – Evil Feed


Evil Feed is for those who like their horror gory and fed unceremoniously through the grindhouse mincer. Calling it a horror is a stretch. There are no scares. Just overblown gore.

The premise. A restaurant hosts UFC style fights to the death where the loser is then fed to the patrons. This movie is base, puerile and ridiculous. The script and acting fall short. None of this is necessarily a problem. The film could have been stacks of fun, but the tone is way off meaning the attitude to race and gender becomes uncomfortable. It feels not like the characters have these attitudes, but the film itself. This is a problem.

The ‘horror’ genre at the moment seems to lack genuine creativity and the continuing slew of gore-porn isn’t helping.

Evil Feed Alyson Bath