#565 – Casa De Mi Padre


Why Casa De Mi Padre exists is beyond me, but then again it’s not an entirely bad way to spend 90 minutes, I guess…

Casa De Mi Padre Will Ferrell Genesis Rodriguez


#498 – The King


I’ll tell you what, The King is fucked up, which is just how we like them. Not blow your head back good, but trying to be and that should be commended as an inconceivable story line pulls you in despite your repulsions. Fine and morally misaligned work…

#441 – Blindness


Get me, I’ve read the book. And therefore Blindness was a little diminished. It isn’t a bad film, but it has serious pacing issues… it moves so quick as to not really allow its audience to fully grasp the terrors contained within the story. It literally skips to the end and there is a sense that everything turned out ok, except it didn’t because some really serious life-altering shit happened. Well, it might have, it’s all a bit of a blur now though. Excuse the pun.