#994 – Stand By Me


Stand By Me is a great movie. Admittedly the voiceover does seem to be at a tangent most of the time to what’s actually occurring in the narrative, but it’s easy to forgive this, such is the charm of the tale and its four leads.

Watching it again though it’s extremely apparent how talented Phoenix and Feldman were, it’s a sobering thought given the trajectories of their careers and lives. On the other hand, “Lollipop, lollipop, oohooh, a-lollipop…”

Stand By Me


#451 – The Lost Boys


When it comes to my favourite films of the 80s The Lost Boys is right up there. I’m still seeking the Michael sunglasses (apparently they were one-offs made for the film…) and occasionally return to my saxophone to belt out the break from the track I Still Believe such is its influence. I love this movie and you should too, “They’re only noodles Michael.”

The Lost Boys

#432 – Melancholia


There is in Melancholia a grandness and scale, in theme and aesthetic that rarely translates in film, yet here it does and this, in the context of this film, is as high as accolades come. Actors and director alike have created beauty and tragedy almost beyond compare in the discipline of film, this is cinema at its most rich. Powerful and compelling this film triumphs with a climax so encompassing and absorbing as to bring about mild catatonia in its viewers. Well those who stayed to face the end that is…