#992 – Mad Max: Fury Road


It’s beat perfect. Mad Max: Fury Road has been made by George Miller in a way that suggests he is unaware of the tired turns the action genre has been taking since he delivered the franchise’s original instalments.

Simplicity rules in plot, beside an assumption that the audience can fill in back story regarding both narratives and characters from the subtle details Miller allows to shine in the midst of the chaos. It is a joy. Every bit as good as you’ve been told it is and all with that strong feminist reading front and centre. Inventive, stylish, engaging and relevant; cinema is rarely this impressive, “Oh what a day, what a lovely day!”

Mad Max Fury Road Tom Hardy


#967 – Divergent


The dystopian future portrayed in Divergent is horrifically basic and feels entirely created to enable a message of ‘be yourself kids’. It’s patronising. This future also has no train platforms…

#694 – X-Men: First Class


I watch superhero movies as a habit mostly, I can’t quite give them up. Thankfully X-Men: First Class is one of the better ones and I think that is mostly due to its young cast that do bring a certain irreverence to proceedings, which is appreciated. Certainly the most enjoyable instalment so far of the X-Men franchise.

X-Men- First Class